Songwriting & Production

We work with a range of artists from around the globe, working collaboratively to create amazing music.
From inception to recording, production, mastering and delivery. We have you covered every step of the way.

Songwriting & Production


We offer a full songwriting service, from idea inception through to recording and production. If you’re just looking for some advice on how to improve your ideas, we offer consultation to help with that too. We are passionate songwriters with a keen ear for writing music.

We can take your song idea and develop this into a full production, or write you a song and send you stems for mixing and mastering elsewhere (although, we definitely recommend letting us handle that, too). The point is, we have you covered across all aspects of creating something you’re proud of.

You are welcome to be as hands-on, or off, as you’d like. After our first conversation, we can get to work and come back to you when the music is ready. Alternatively, if you want to chat more often and keep up to date with the production, let’s set it up.

Writing Sessions

Manage an artist? Work for a label?

Whether you’re an artist, an artist manager, publisher or label we can help place artists in writing sessions with top songwriters and production teams to help you create great music.

At these Writing Sessions you will get a full day in our London studio to collaboratively work with other songwriters on your music.

The session will be fully engineered and produced, and we will pair you with the best and most relevant writing talent to achieve your best work yet. We’ll be in touch prior to the big day to make sure we are clear on the genre, any existing ideas or references, and any other details you want to discuss, leaving room for nothing other than the creative process in the session.

For pricing information, please contact us using the form below.

I Don't Care - Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber (Cover) Madilyn Paige

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Music Technology

We continue to develop innovative ways to engage with music fans and music creators alike.From bespoke music applications built to drive new audiences and grow fan bases to building music communities and competitions for creatives and music fans alike. Our technology lead, ‘out of the box’ thinking team drive tailor made projects for our clients. To speak with one of our team about your requirements get in touch.

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